Hi. I’m Irene.

I’m a fiction writer and essayist in Seattle, and a 2018 NEA Literature Fellow. My pieces appear in Narrative, The Millions, Salon, The Weeklings, and elsewhere. I’ve written about Nanci Griffith, dog training, lesbian parenting, opera, blackberries, and more. Best fun fact: I was the first girl to win the Washington State Geography Bee, back in ’94.

In progress: novel, essay collection, short pieces about being a midlife queer, class in ‘Merica, pie, lesfic, adult ADHD, tech job culture, Xennial feels, and hot takes on AI-generated content (if I ever unveil my Fun Content Marketing Personality on LinkedIn.) Dreams: socialized medicine for all, 9 hours sleep / night, taking more classes at the Feminist Karate Union, starting a support group for MFAs in tech, and more time to write, even though time is but an illusion.

Welcome! Get more details ahead.